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We need to be able to create drop down menus for topics in the top menu


I know there are serveral related workitems about this on codeplex.

I seriously think we need to round off the CMS in NOP (and do it soon) - increasingly, i see wordpress, drupal and joomla sites being used for ecommerce. They are quite dominant.

Quite frankly, I don't think the ecommerce portions of them have a patch on nopcommerce - even though the sites might look good.

Now, I know that NOP isnt a CMS like the ones mentioned above but potential users want that flexibility - they may want a lot of information in the top menu but the space up there is limited.

So, now (in forthcoming 3.6) we can add a topic in the top menu ( that is actually a massive step forward) but I really don't think it is nearly enough for todays potential clients ( as I said, potential clients may have a lot to say up there with limited space and there won't be room for many topics)

As I said, I'm not suggesting a massive change or anything fancy, but what I think we need is the ability to create nested menus so that we can have drop down lists of our topics.

so, the details of my suggestion :

on the topic page, when we select the checkbox - 'include in top menu'

we would then be asked for more details :

a menu link title
a description of that link when we hover over it

we would be presented with a drop down list of the other topics ( but i guess only the ones which we have selected to be included in the top menu )

a display order for that item

reference :
to see it, log in, click 'content'

click 'create a basic page' - when you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the 'menu settings' - it's here that you can select where the menu link of your new page will be nested and the other details I've mentioned



infinito62 wrote May 12, 2015 at 11:24 AM

There are infinite ways how manus can look like, and there isn't a definitive solution. This is why there are plenty of plugins ha tothe task.

In my opinion there are some structural lack in NopCommerce that limit considerably navigation without using sophisticated pluginsa that partially solve some way this lacks:

1) Product categories menu can be different between top, side and footer menus.
On top menus usually there are two different ways of navigation: by category product (i.e. "shoes", "boy", ...) or by scope ("Sport" "tennis", "shoes"). So there are at least four ways to categorize products, while NopCommerce offers only one

2) Similarly for topics.

Having theese possibilities can help greatly navigation and selling.

nmancini wrote Dec 23, 2016 at 2:07 PM

IMO the ability to designate parent topic and have it rendered like nested categories in the top menu would be a great addition.